Cedar, Tea Tree, & Grapefruit Soap

Cedar, Tea Tree, & Grapefruit Soap

I was sitting at home watching The Woodwright’s Shop the other day when inspiration struck!  I went straight to my workshop, pulled out my block plane and square, and suddenly realized I didn’t have any cedar to work with.  I was completely distraught until I remembered the cedarwood essential oil in my cabinet!  Several splinters later, I had created Cedar, Tea Tree, & Grapefruit Soap.

Cedar, Tea Tree, & Grapefruit SoapIt’s warm and woody with refreshing hints of grapefruit.  The addition of espresso grounds makes it gently exfoliation so you can soften those wood-working calluses.

Roy and Elia, this one’s for you!  Thanks for the lessons and the laughs.

Cedar, Tea Tree, & Grapefruit Soap is now available in our online store, DanburySoap.com.

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